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Overseas Charters

This is our Overseas Charter section. The tours in this category are all exclusive Omega charter flights rather than via scheduled airlines.

What's the difference between charter and scheduled flights?

Airlines nowadays run what they call a 'dynamic pricing' system, which means that the price of their scheduled flights fluctuates constantly, sometimes downward but more often upward, depending on how many people want tickets. For popular destinations, that price can go literally sky high.

This is why tour operators will often quote you a 'from' price on overseas tours, and why the final booking price may be higher than when first quoted.

A way to get round this is to hire or 'charter' your own plane, and that's what we've done with these tours. That way, we're able to offer tickets at a fixed price, so the price we quote you is the price you'll actually pay, no more and no less, and no matter how popular the destination.

We think you'll agree this is a good idea. It's always better to know where you are before you set off somewhere else.

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